Facilitated Training Methods

Changing the Way We Train

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to find employees whose goals align with your own, and who are willing to take the extra steps necessary for everyone to succeed? No matter the size of your organization putting the right people in place is critical if you’re going to meet your goals, but...

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Changing Virtual Training Needs

Sometimes, change comes at unexpected times or for unexpected reasons. That has been the case with the recent outbreak of Covid-19, which has forced us into situations we hadn’t anticipated, and has driven many businesses to change the way they operate. While this current situation has forced many of to consider virtual training, SDI...

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development Shouldn’t be a Four-Letter Word!

A recent Forbes article on the failures of leadership development stated that, “Only 25% of organizations are ready to replace only 10% of their critical positions. That means that about 97.5% of critical leadership positions are unprepared to be filled by anyone.”  As a business owner, that statistic is jarring, and if you’re in a leadership position or aspiring to be in one...

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