Development Planning and Learning

How Development Planning Leads to Learning

Development planning is one of those phrases that comes up often in business journals and at conventions. Yet, how often do you hear someone actually explain how their development planning directly correlates to employee learning strategies, as opposed to just a piecemeal attempt to groom the right candidate for a specific role? The fact is, […]

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Preventing Employee Stress and Burnout Part Two

In my last blog, I wrote about my personal feelings of burnout, and about how important recognizing burnout can be. This time, I’m going to be discussing burnout from a supervisor’s perspective, and why having the right managerial attitude can help your employees avoid burnout altogether. I’d been working with my team for a little […]

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Preventing Employee Stress and Burnout Part One

The first time I experienced burnout I honestly had no idea what was happening to me. I was lethargic, my boss and I were butting heads over the smallest things, and I was starting to dread even coming to work. I wasn’t sure what the problem was, but I knew something was wrong with me, […]

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development Shouldn’t be a Four-Letter Word!

A recent Forbes article on the failures of leadership development stated that, “Only 25% of organizations are ready to replace only 10% of their critical positions. That means that about 97.5% of critical leadership positions are unprepared to be filled by anyone.”  As a business owner, that statistic is jarring, and if you’re in a leadership position or aspiring to be in one you […]

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Employee Assessment

Getting the Most Out of Employee Assessment

Employee turnover is a problem for almost every business. The reality is we can easily recognize the importance of remaining competitive in the marketplace, we often miss just how crucial it is to recognize the potential of our workforce. Consider the things driving you daily. We all want to avoid stagnation and rise to new […]

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Creating a Continuous Learning Environment 

There’s nothing new about the concept of continuous learning, but it has become a topic of discussion in leading organizations of late, and was a frequently heard buzzword at learning conferences in 2019.   However, recognizing a buzzword or topic of discussion is one thing – real world implementation is another entirely. The truth is simple: as workforces grow and industries evolve, […]

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Beyond the Implementation of New Technology

Technological issues as a result of neglected training programs and associated job support are common with the implementation of new technology. Leaders who help develop implementation plans have a much higher probability of seeing a successful launch—and beyond.   The Process Cannot be Rushed  What isn’t often recognized is the fact that implementation is an on-going […]

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employee engagement, leadership, transparency

Give Employees a Voice

Change is difficult and intimidating at every level, but having reliable superiors helps. The role of leadership in technological implementation is crucial before, during, and after the introduction of new systems like ERP, HRIS, CRM, or HCM. Employees need the opportunity to talk about any concerns they have prior to an implementation, along with any […]

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Woman implementing new technology in the workplace

Implementing New Technology in the Workplace

The implementation stage of new technology is one of both great excitement and tremendous apprehension. This is the part of the process where your decisions are either going to see a smooth launch and integration, or where your greatest fears could be realized. Failing to select the right leaders, manage employee considerations, or even something […]

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Woman in leadership working with computers

Preparing Your Workforce for New Technology Solutions

You’ve managed to get your organization’s leadership to see the benefits of a new business solution like ERP, HRIS, CRM, or HCM, but the real battle will be sharing your new vision with employees. Where an executive, partner, or upper manager might see the benefit in implementing new and more effective strategies and procedures to […]

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