Cultivating a Continuous Learning Environment 

There’s nothing new about the concept of continuous learning, but it has become a topic of discussion in leading organizations of late, and was a frequently heard buzzword at learning conferences in 2019.   However, recognizing a buzzword or topic of discussion is one thing – real world implementation is another entirely. The truth is simple: as workforces grow and industries...

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Beyond the Implementation of New Technology

Technological issues as a result of neglected training programs and associated job support are common with the implementation of new technology. Leaders who help develop implementation plans have a much higher probability of seeing a successful launch—and beyond.   The Process Cannot be Rushed  What isn’t often recognized is the fact that implementation is an...

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Achieving Technical Promise

ERP… HRIS… HCM… CRM… These popular enterprise technology solutions have the potential to transform the performance of your organization. Business and functional leaders who have been through at least one of these implementations know how difficult it can be to realize the full promise and ROI associated with these platforms—and how daunting the fear...

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