This is an Anti-Millenial Blog

Jeremy Erard SDI News

I’m sure the title got your attention in the way I intended, and if it did, you may be disappointed by the rest of this blog.  However, if you want to get a different perspective on this seemingly never-ending "millennial conversation", please read on. I am admittedly a content junkie, so I have an appreciation for a good topic with ...

Starting A Performance Management Movement

Jon Gauthier SDI News

If you haven’t noticed yet, your workforce isn’t changing…it’s changed. It’s more digital, global, connected, and it’s full of highly talented millennials that are more motivated by work experience than a paycheck. And to complicate matters, the expectations, needs, and demands of your business are evolving at Mach speeds.  For those companies that are striving to be the best, these …

How Leadership Drives Company Culture

Taylor Bretzke SDI News

Few things impact the work environment and company culture like leadership does, yet investing in leadership is often put on the backburner until it’s too late. Many businesses that are struggling with employee engagement, performance, and retention often fail to realize that there may be a solution to their problems that can also have other benefits… Leadership Development. Effective leadership …

The Importance and Impact of Setting Goals

Taylor Bretzke SDI News

Goal setting is a common exercise in every organization, but rarely do we take into consideration the impact that exercise can have on employee engagement, workplace optimism, and individual performance.

Talent Strategy

5 Steps to Developing a Winning Talent Strategy

Jeremy Erard SDI News

Regardless of what type of business or industry you are in, there is no question that the talent landscape is changing dramatically. To stay competitive, you need to evolve and develop your talent strategy.

5 Simple Steps to Avoid the Question – How Did We Get Here?

Jeremy Erard SDI News

We’ve all asked the question before. Many times in life, we are quick to set goals or assign expectations to things without taking the time to define what we need to be aware of along the way. Taking the time to define what the path to success looks like is a crucial step for any leader to avoid this pitfall.

The 3 Levels of Communication in Managing Change

Nicole Buikema SDI News

Communication plays an important role during each phase of a change management initiative, and it is often the culprit when issues start to arise. Use the following guidelines to avoid the confusion of ineffective communication and the frustration of wasted meetings.