What’s the Problem with Business as Usual?

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Taking a step back to get a fresh perspective is helpful in uncovering issues you may have never seen before. It’s important to remember that “business as usual” must leave room to adapt and improve in order to drive growth.

Focus the Passion in Your Business Through Instructional Design

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When learning is managed by instructional designers who carefully analyze the needs of learners and work closely with clients, companies are able to close the gaps keeping them from achieving their goals. By doing so, training is concise, to the point, and optimized for performance objectives.

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Professional Edge

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Everyone loses their edge once in a while. Sometimes, you can lose your edge and not even realize it. Everyone needs a shake up every once in a while…If you’re in need of a professional pick-me-up, here are three critical components that can help make it happen!

The Case For Adapting and Embracing Change

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In business, changes sometimes seem to be accompanied by a perceived slow, scary, and unwanted process if they happen at all. With all the technology and resources that are available today and how important adaptability is to the longevity of all organizations…are you embracing needed changes and improvements?

Don’t Just Plan for Next Year, Plan to Execute

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This is the time of year where many organizations begin the challenging process of balancing the optimism of what is possible with the pragmatism of what is likely to occur. While the exercise of setting goals is incredibly important, and the time and effort that is often associated with creating these goals is significant, in many cases it also signals the end of a formal planning process.

Leadership vs. Management: A Delicate Balance

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Leadership continues to be a very important topic for most organizations as they evolve and grow. However, have the terms “leadership” and “management” almost become synonymous in the business world today?

Continuous Training

The Need For Continuous Learning in Any Organization

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Because external factors are constantly changing, it is vital that companies are agile and continually looking for ways to improve performance and advance their capabilities. To make this happen, you must develop your organization into an environment with a structured and intentional learning process.

Instructional Design

So You’re an Instructional Designer…What’s That?

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Instructional Designers play a vital part in business growth, and from a business perspective, provide not only Return on Investment (ROI), but Return on Experience (ROE) as well. They ensure training is aligned with measurable outcomes, which leads to performance results through Instructional Design principles.

Should Snack Learning Be Part of Your eLearning Toolkit?

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The learning industry is always evolving and the need for new concepts and technology will continue to rise. Like any new delivery method, Snack Learning isn’t suitable for all eLearning solutions, but it certainly has its time and place.

Too Much Technology

Can Learning Suffer From Too Much Technology?

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Everyday, businesses rely on technology more and more to connect employees, customers, products and services regardless of location, shrinking the global landscape. While organizations are clamoring for mobile learning and gamification, they run the risk of being blinded by the bling; their desire for the technology may put the substance of the learning in jeopardy.