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A steady flow of high-performing talent is often the key difference between organizations that thrive versus those that just survive. Those that thrive understand the importance of effectively preparing their people to perform and adapt to the changing needs of the organization over time.

For nearly 20 years, that is what SDI Learning has done. Our team of consultants and instructional design professionals create learning strategies, design learning solutions, and implement learning experiences that build the skills and knowledge needed to deliver high performing talent

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Accelerating speed to competency is at the heart of what we do. We are methodical in our approach to developing custom learning, to ensure we connect all of the proverbial dots for your organization.

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Understanding what results are expected of the learner is critical to defining skill and knowledge requirements.

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Understanding the role that learning plays in your organization (or doesn’t, in some cases) has a strong influence on learning strategy, design, and implementation.


Understanding the target learning audience – what motivates them and what they need to get out of learning – is a key to getting them engaged and ready to learn.


We all learn in different ways, and in many cases different places. Aligning the right delivery to the unique needs of the learner and to expected on-the-job performance eliminates barriers to access and increases participation.


Content is ultimately what needs to be delivered. However, making that content relatable is an art that very few have mastered. Excellent storytelling can transform even the driest content into an engaging experience.

advisor, guide
and pair of hands

We won’t leave you with a report of suggested learning recommendations and expect you to fend for yourselves (unless you want us to!). We are unique in that we can support your learning needs at every level.

  • Need help defining a corporate learning strategy? We will be there.
  • Have a strategy in place, but need to design a unique custom onboarding experience? We’ve got you covered.
  • Have an extensive blended curriculum designed, and need help with workshop and eLearning development? That is in our sweet spot.

Or maybe you just need your leaders to perform differently and don’t have the internal capacity to make that a reality… The point is, we can do it all!

about sdi

Watch this brief video to learn more about SDI Learning and how we’ve approached experiential learning with hundreds of organizations.

featured study

Blue Cross Blue Shield
of Michigan's Managers Workshop

When Janice Simmons took on the role of senior leader in human performance at Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan (BCBSM), she realized there were a lot of gaps in leadership and untapped talent potential. Traditionally, training at BCBSM was for entry-level positions, and there was no training program in place for leadership. Most people made their way to leadership roles through moving up in ranks, so there was no leveraged definition of a leader.



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