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Designing learning solutions that efficiently and effectively transform performance is no easy task. We have spent nearly two decades designing about every type of solution imaginable to support our clients learning needs.

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Any learning design must start by considering the learner… Who is the audience? What is expected of them on the job? What do they need to learn to be successful? Are there role-specific motivators to consider for this audience? Considering the learner first and foremost will help ensure maximum engagement – and maximum return on investment in training solutions.


curriculum and
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Define people analytics to quantitatively measure talent effectiveness and to make talent development decisions that will prepare individuals for growth in both their current and future roles.



Most organizations have strong subject matter expertise in topics they are training, but struggle to create an overall learning experience that generates “buzz”, engages the organization, and drives excitement. We can help you design the best experience – one that includes gamification, leaderboards and badging, social connections, etc. as part of the overall learning – to deliver content in the most impactful, memorable, and effective way.