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Developing effective eLearning resources requires a unique mixture of skills and capabilities: instructional design, experiential design, creative writing, graphic design, technical development, animation, coding, etc. Very few learning functions have all of these assets at their disposal. With SDI Learning and our SDI Experience team, we have you covered and are able to develop literally any learning asset you can think of.

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Our talented mix of learning professionals can develop assets for any type of delivery – instructor-led, virtual classroom, on-the-job, eLearning, mobile learning, field application… you name it. All custom developed and branded to be uniquely you, while meeting the learning needs of the audience and the organization as a whole.


Learning and support extends “beyond the classroom.” We develop a variety of performance support assets to ensure a seamless transition of knowledge and skills from the classroom to the real world. Assets include performance checklists, mobile apps, knowledge reinforcement games, coaching guides, user manuals, and reinforcement animations/videos… just to name a few.

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“Vision without execution is a hallucination.” Edison couldn’t have worded it better – the most effective learning solutions will fail without proper implementation. We can help ensure execution is flawless in a variety of ways, including coaching your trainers how to best facilitate a workshop, facilitating workshops on your behalf, providing LMS loading/testing support and troubleshooting, monitoring completion, and measuring short- and long-term training effectiveness.