learning strategy

efficient, effective, engaging

How much more efficient, effective, and engaging could you deliver learning to your organization? SDI Learning helps you reimagine the possibilities and develop a plan to make it reality. Our experienced learning consultants have defined and transformed learning strategy for our clients in a number of ways:

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If you are struggling to quantify the impact that your current learning efforts are making, we can assist with developing strategies to measure and quantify your current efforts.

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function strategy

Effectively and consistently developing talent for an entire organization is at the top of many organizations strategic plans these days. Whether you are establishing a corporate learning function for the first time or need to reinvent how your existing learning function operates we can help. We helped one of our clients build a globally recognized top 20 learning function from the ground up.


Many organizations are struggling with eroding effectiveness of their existing learning solutions. We can help you develop a strategy to modernize your learning delivery to drive engagement and improved effectiveness.