Our Approach

What’s in a name?  Just about everything we do.


SDI begins all engagements by asking a fundamental question…

“How does your organization need to perform in order to achieve your desired goals?”

To effectively answer this question SDI engages your leaders, critical talent, and markets (as appropriate) to identify current state gaps and gain insight into the performance STRATEGY required for bridging these gaps.


Once a clear performance strategy has been defined, SDI begins to DESIGN custom solutions to address the required changes to organizational structure, process, culture, and job role performance.  It is SDI’s ability to create and deliver these custom strategies via various platforms (eLearning, facilitated training, mobile, etc.) that ensures the content produces results within specific client cultures.



Once the design phase is complete, it is time to IMPLEMENT the solution. Developing strategy and designing custom solutions is vital to the success of any initiative. However, what sets us apart is our willingness to partner with our clients during the implementation phase to ensure proper execution and optimization of the solutions. It is through optimization that organizations learn how to consistently improve performance allowing them to repeatedly achieve new goals that are sent moving forward.