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Extraordinary growth in today’s business climate requires implementing new strategies that are the driving force behind changes in technology, business process, team capabilities and organizational culture.

However, implementing and managing change isn’t easy. This is where SDI Performance comes in.

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Our focus is helping clients identify, prioritize, manage and implement change. From incremental to transformational changes, we are relentless in making change management tangible for our clients so they can quantify and understand exactly how the organization is performing today and what elements of that performance, from technology and process to talent and culture, may need to change in order to achieve the results they’re looking for.

We focus our change and performance solutions in two key areas:

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Expanding the effectiveness of your business process, technology and controls to enable operational performance and growth.

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Expanding the effectiveness of your talent to enable individual and team success.


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A key differentiator of SDI Performance is that we won’t leave you with just strategy for change to fend for yourselves. We define our success by what happens after the strategies are defined…ensuring the change is implemented and adopted.

By combining strategic insight with tactical know-how, our consultants will support your change efforts to any extent necessary.

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Watch this video to learn more about SDI Performance and how we helped hundreds of organizations implement solutions that enabled change and growth.

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Haworth began as a small family-owned business in Holland, Michigan, and has since evolved into a global leader in the contract furnishings industry with a focus on sustainability. To continue Haworth’s global expansion, an ideal future state vision was defined and key business strategies that would guide Haworth to achieving that vision were developed. Implementing an ERP software to further optimize operations was the next step toward achieving that vision. Haworth began taking steps to reach this goal in 2011, implementing SAP as the new ERP system. To reduce implementation risk and focus on key business strategies leading to company development, Haworth determined it needed to more effectively communicate and manage its members (employees) through better change management practices.




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