3 Elements that Make Gamification So Effective

Gamification is one of the key strategies used by SDI Experience to engage learners and accomplish quality training. Jim, the Creative Director at SDI Experience, will share his insider knowledge on the key elements of gamification, and how they work to ramp up the learning experience.

To learn more about Jim and his team check out: http://www.sdiexperience.com/team.php

Using gamification improves memory retention

One of the things that gamification has been linked to is improved memory recall, which is essential in the process of learning. With the amount of information our brains process every day, it comes to no surprise that retaining memories come as somewhat of a challenge. The reason why the experience of gaming makes new material stick so well is that it is extremely sensory, and the more sensory an experience is, the more likely it is to go into long-term memory. Gamification incorporates a variety of visual and auditory experiences which engage the brain and promote clear and concise memories with it.

When a user really enjoys an activity, they learn from it without even realizing the weight of their own potential. Now add some really interesting and engaging content and the possibilities are endless.

Users are engaged in an entertaining manner

Training is often perceived as a boring but mandatory task, and in turn employees put minimal effort into it. Gamification puts a new twist on information consumption, providing a fun forum for users to learn something new and apply what they already know! It also gives users a sense of fulfillment knowing they are developing skills necessary for self-improvement.

Gamification is a great way to create enthusiasm around Learning topics and get everyone truly engaged and excited about it.

Competition provides a source of motivation

One of the most motivating elements of gamification is that it encourages friendly competition against colleagues and pushes users to meet their own personal benchmarks. With the assistance of leaderboards, badges, and points, users are presented with a diverse array of incentives to improve their performance. Taking a traditional training course offers learners not much other than completion as a sense of accomplishment. Gamification can offer a learner incremental senses of achievement and motivation to continuously improve their knowledge to achieve higher scores.

A little friendly competition is a healthy way to boost the learning process and get people talking about it. Nothing is as effective in achieving success as the motivation of our peers.

Motion graphics are another awesome tool used to capture the attention of adult learners. Learn more about how these short videos can engage your people at http://www.sdiexperience.com/animation.php

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