What to Expect When Working with our Creative Team

We get it. Partnering with a new organization is scary.  Especially when you’re counting on them to produce work that represents your brand.  Whether you’re looking for new insights on your target audience, or a helping hand to create engaging marketing materials, it’s tough to choose a partner when you don’t know exactly what you should be looking for. Since choosing the right partner is as much about how you work together as it is about the work they can do for you, we thought we would give you a little insight into how we work with our clients.

We do the research, but a little differently

Before we dive into creating, we make sure we understand what makes your audience unique and how that relates to your value proposition. It goes a lot deeper than normal demographics and analytics.  Reaching the right audience takes extensive research and deep understanding to best position your brand, keywords, and tone. This helps us understand the behaviors of the audience and informs how we can inspire them. By taking the time to do this work at the beginning of each project, we are able to craft experiences, messages, and materials that lead to desired results.

Delivery is key

With key insights about the target audience identified and the key messages created, we begin the creative work to determine the most effective and impactful way to deliver them.  Longer, more complicated concepts or stories are often best told by a  motion graphic video. For clients looking to change mundane information into shareable content, we like to create captivating infographics.  Other times, illustrations or even games are needed to attract audience attention and leave them inspired with the desired call-to-action.

We value uniqueness

We’re a pretty unique bunch. As a group of designers, illustrators, and developers, we can make just about any idea come to life when we put our heads together. While we have a shameless appreciation for our own uniqueness, we also appreciate that every organization has a unique story to tell—which is why we spend so much time honing our creative skills to bring those stories to life!

Whether you’re looking for a partner to help you decide what materials you need, build the materials, or both, SDI Experience can help.  Ready to get started? Click here and let us know, or visit our portfolio to see some work!

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