How to Keep a Creative Team Feeling Creative

Creativity: An abstract ability desired by many but regularly attained by few. Some think it’s a natural gift, others perceive it as an unforeseeable wave of clarity. Whatever the case may be, people everywhere are trying to understand how they can attain moments of creativity more frequently. We at SDI Experience believe creativity is a skill that can be honed and refined just like anything else.

Here’s how we keep our creative team brimming with the best and brightest ideas.

We Have Whole Days Dedicated Solely to Creativity

Once a month we spend a day focusing on a project that’s not directly related to work. Project themes vary from designing an app in a day to creating an eLearning based off of a simple brand guide.

“Creative Days help motivate our team to explore new tools and think outside of the box. They’re about honing skills and enjoying a day of team building,” says Shandon Cardosa, Experience Manager at SDiX.

We Make Time for Games

Sometimes you need to give your mind a little rest and do something different to get the creative juices flowing. During these moments, we like to break out a game of Drawful. Similar to Pictionary, Drawful challenges players to draw out wacky themes for others to guess the title of. It gives everyone the opportunity to socialize, chill out, and get a good laugh in.

Employees sitting down for a game of Drawful
We like to fit in a game of Drawful at least once a week.

Team Bonding Isn’t Just a Once in a While Thing

Yes, we have the occasional formal team bonding event, but that’s not the only time we hang out with each other. We enjoy grabbing a drink together and we absolutely love food ranking competitions (chili cookoffs, Grand Rapids doughnut rankings, etc.).

Donut ranking competition
Doughnuts from eight local shops were ranked for taste, smell, and texture in this competition.

Learning and Exploration is Encouraged

Learning is deeply rooted in our company culture. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of conferences, AIGA events, Lunch & Learns, and CreativeMornings. When we’re not busy with client work, we like to spend our time honing new skills like 3-D modeling or learning a new coding language!

Being a part of a company that fosters a culture of creativity gives employees the ability to take risks, grow, and have fun. If you’re a designer, developer, or animator with a knack for thinking outside of the box, contact us to see if you’d be a good fit for the SDIx team!

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