What Separates Extraordinary Motion Graphic Videos from the Mundane?

Animators everywhere are helping brands capture the attention of their audiences with motion graphic videos (MGVs). When done well, MGVs communicate complicated concepts in a simple, digestible way. They’re often used to tell a brand’s story, share data, and educate an audience. So, what makes for an engaging MGV?

James Barnes, the Creative Director at SDI Experience, offers some insider knowledge on what sets apart awesome MGVs from the ordinary.

What should the progression of an awesome MGV be like?

A good video is well planned in development; the big picture is accurately defined and flows well visually from topic to topic. They also should start big and end big. Beginning with enthusiasm gets the story going and viewer interest locked in, then the story should build and end with a solid call to action.

How long should the videos be?

Definitely less than 2 minutes, but 1 minute or less is perfect. Lengthy content is a death sentence for Motion Graphic Videos.

What are the three most important elements of an MGV?

  1. Solid themes help to carry the story. They help piece the story together and are good to come back to for filler and difficult areas of content. Themes can be anything from part of the visual story to an animated style that carries throughout.
  2. Flow needs to be a priority to create a successful MGV. Each point should have an interesting path to the next that ties into the storytelling or the video will appear stitched together and poorly communicated.
  3. Good writing is key for the perfect video, not too technical, a little humorous, maybe even a bit campy, and well thought out. If you can’t visualize the story in your head when writing it, it will be difficult to design and animate in an engaging way.

For a good example of these elements, check out the MGV we created to tell the SDIx story!

After all of these elements have been carefully considered and incorporated into the MGV, it’s up to the animator to make the subtle touches to take it from good to great. Extra time spent in the actual workings of the animated elements make all the difference! From subtle easing, to over-exaggerated movements, to the little added bits of humor, the characteristics and objects presented are finally brought to life. To see more examples of awesome MGVs, check out our portfolio, or if you’d like help creating a video for your organization, let us know!

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