Beyond the Implementation of New Technology

Technological issues as a result of neglected training programs and associated job support are common with the implementation of new technology. Leaders who help develop implementation plans have a much higher probability of seeing a successful launch—and beyond.  

The Process Cannot be Rushed 

What isn’t often recognized is the fact that implementation is an on-going process. Even after technology is in place and running, problems will crop up. Employees then seek sources of information to help troubleshoot and solve these problems, and will find their employer has very little to offer them. A solution to an issue that would otherwise halt process or production could be as simple as pushing the right button—but who can determine what those buttons are without help?  

 Plan for the Future by Monitoring the Present 

Having an idea for change is a good thing, but having a clear understanding of the current state of your business is just as important. For example, think of your training curriculum. Improper on-going training is just as ineffective as no training at all. Consider you’re following piece-by-piece instructions for assembling furniture. You finish putting it together, get it in place and start to decorate. You may even have it for a few days before, suddenly, it falls apart. You spend the rest of that day poring tirelessly over the instructions and FAQs before deciding to make a call to the company. The company informs you this product is liable to fall apart if you don’t have part C connected with base B before continuing with the instructions. The solution is simple, but you find yourself understandably frustrated by the fact this was not included in the instructions or FAQs. If this is a common occurrence, why isn’t it documented? How can you have a successful experience without updated information to guide you? How can your business practices improve when you didn’t have a clear understanding of your problems in the first place? 

Celebrate Your Successes  

As important as it is to have aids and resources for employees, it’s equally as important to monitor progress and to encourage them every step of the way. Introducing something new into an already functioning process will be met with resistance. This is why having a means of softening the blow will ease tensions on the part of management and for the everyday employee. Rewarding success and completion makes transitioning seem less intimidating, in spite of the dedication it will require 

Now that you know a little more about successful implementation strategies, it’s time to get serious about making a positive change within your organization. Let my team at SDI Clarity partner with you on this new journey to help you experience a seamless, holistic transition to your new system. Please contact me to learn more about what we can do for your business—now, and as your systems and organizational needs continue to evolve. 

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