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Changing the Way We Train

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to find employees whose goals align with your own, and who are willing to take the extra steps necessary for everyone to succeed? No matter the size of your organization putting the right people in place is critical if you’re going to meet your goals, but how do you find the right people? The answers to those questions aren’t nearly as complex as you might think.

For twenty years SDI has been helping Fortune 1000 companies develop the most valuable assets in their organization: their people. The way we do this is simple. We take proven training methods and develop custom courses that show their employees exactly what they need to know, and do it in a way that actually speaks to them. Forget the old eLearnings and boring videos you’ve seen in the past, an SDI course is written and developed by a collaborative team of learning experts, graphic designers, and software developers to maximize value and performance.

Until now, there has only been one way to get courses like this to your workforce, and it required a significant financial investment. However, SDI has leveraged its experience working with companies like Meijer, Priority Health, and LG Chem, to design off the shelf courses with the same proven, trackable learning and compliance results that were previously only possible in a custom design. Currently, these programs are available on subjects like:

  1. New and Emerging Leaders
  2. Strategic Selling
  3. Leaders of Leaders
  4. New Professionals

Our curriculum is delivered in an all-digital, cohort-based environment that can be completed in as little as three weeks. Best of all, these programs provide the same type of experience as a custom one in a package that is perfectly suited for a small to mid-sized business. If you’re looking to provide your workers with an affordable training or compliance program, and want to be able to see their results in an LMS system that shows you exactly how well your employees are understanding the material, SDI has you covered.

Let’s start a conversation about how SDI could best meet your unique business requirements and get your employees aligned with what your organization needs to provide mutual success. We all know how important having the right people in the right places can be, and SDI can help you put them in the best possible position to succeed.

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