Changing Virtual Training Needs

Sometimes, change comes at unexpected times or for unexpected reasons. That has been the case with the recent outbreak of Covid-19, which has forced us into situations we hadn’t anticipated, and has driven many businesses to change the way they operate. While this current situation has forced many of to consider virtual training, SDI has been delivering quality, unique virtual training options for our clients for almost twenty years. No matter what’s going on in the world, we want to help your organization make the most of its most valuable asset: your people.

To do this, SDI offers a number of different training options, from the custom creations we’ve been delivering to Fortune 1000 companies since our inception, to the interactive training suites of ready-made courses we’ve developed. SDI can also transform your existing eLearning, workshops, and training programs into easily digestible training suites to help your employees stay up to date on the training they need—no matter where they might be. We can also deliver our own libraries on topics like HR Compliance or Environmental Health and Safety, along with our immersive, proprietary training programs to help your developing leaders start the next stage of their careers with all of the information they need to succeed.

Virtual training solutions can help keep your organization stay focused on the future, while still delivering the vital information your people need in order to stay up to date or to transition to a new role. This is our focus and what we have been doing since our inception: providing you with the information you need to drive peak performance in your organization—and making that performance stick no matter the bumps along the way.

SDI has helped organizations like Meijer, LG Chem, Priority Health, and Flexco train their people to help in their continued success, and we want to offer the same opportunity to your organization. Whether you require a custom made LMS system and training meant to capture a specific need for your business, or would prefer one of our off the shelf programs to help in your transition, SDI has the solution you need to not only weather this storm, but to thrive in spite of it.

There are a lot of situations in this world that are out of our control, but your employee training needs doesn’t have to be one of them. Let’s start a conversation about how a partnership with SDI could help address those needs and get your organization ready to transition to our new normal.

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