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Customized Content in 2021

Successful businesses are constantly growing, and it’s no secret digital learning tools lead to better job candidates, advanced workers, and greater ROI per employee—all critical to organizational growth. However, successful businesses also count on the fact that no one else can do what they do. So, what’s the compromise? In lieu of run-of-the-mill training materials, why not create advancement tools as unique as your organization?

Personalized learning courses cater to the niche needs of your industry. If you have a hard time explaining your job at parties, there’s a good chance you’ll need customized content—and customization is where SDI excels. Read on to see how our experts collaborate with yours for a smarter, more direct learning experience.

Our Process

SDI has a proven process for developing client material:

  • Meet with the Client
  • Work with a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Agree on Objectives
  • Write Content
  • Build the Design
  • Review with Client
  • Introduce Content
  • Track Results

SDI has developed extensive relationships with leading organizations in the manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and retail industries. Together, we have created customized content on everything from OSHA compliance and soft skills to basic operations unique to our client’s business. Regardless of your user base, there’s a digital solution to your knowledge gaps that we can find together. There are no limits on subject matter here.

The Face Lift

Plenty of our clients already know what they want–and have already written the material. But that was years ago. Since your latest training program was developed, regulations may have shifted, or perhaps current events (i.e. the virus that shall not be named) have shaken things up. The fun thing about customization is that you don’t have to start from ground zero. We can start with your patented, approved content and make it even better patented, approved content. Updating existing material provides the bones for a modern learning experience.

Reimagine Learning

Say your team isn’t that into your current training materials. No problem. SDI can take your old files and turn them into a comprehensive video series to boost user comprehension. Animation, video, and interactive learning courses are no stranger to us. Shifting a packet of stale text to an interactive medium can make all the difference to your workers.

Expand Your Options

Next, consider not only what you’d like your employees to learn to learn, but also how employees learn it. What about an HR compliance course you can take on your phone? Or maybe a system that tracks learner progress? Customized content not only delivers unique content, but also allows for novel packaging and delivery. Our digital options allow us to make the user experience (and yours) a memorable one.

Whether or not you have something in mind, we are eager to create something together with you. For twenty years, SDI has prided itself in its customization of eLearning material for a variety of industries, and we’d love to hear about yours. Contact us to learn more about our content customization.

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