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Increasing Employee Retention Through Development Opportunities

Human beings want to grow—and as proof, there’s the fact that 40% of employees that receive poor training leave an organization within their first year. Make life easier for yourself and your team by incorporating these development opportunities to boost employee retention.


Career mobility, mentorship, and training opportunities were listed by employees as some of the top growth factors desired in a job. Meeting these needs has always been a challenge, but as virtual workers become the norm in our society, these opportunities must also be present online. Accurate and engaging virtual training empowers all types of employees on their journey to bettering themselves and their organizations.

Leadership Training

For workers to trust growth opportunities, leadership should be at the helm of course engagement. Professional development creates engaged leaders, which in turn creates an engaged staff. Employees who work for engaged managers are 59% more likely to be engaged themselves. When management is invested in their careers, the rest will follow.


How you adapt speaks volumes about your organization. Can employees trust you to accommodate the challenges that come with working from home or maintaining flextime schedules? When you show flexibility to workers, they may return the favor by staying late or learning new tools. Developing flexibility options naturally develops your team.


Have you been unhappy with your company’s task management tool? Your time tracker? Your AC? Incorporating new and effective tools into an organization can take time up front, but it pays itself back in improved productivity and communication among staff – making life easier for everyone involved. For twenty years, industry giants have been partnering with SDI to develop and refine their training needs, and we are ready to do the same for you. For personalized, impactful training, get in touch with SDI.

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