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Why Accepting A Job at SDI Clarity Was The Right Decision.

In my last blog, I discussed how I made a much-needed career change. I realized that I wanted to break the uneventful monotony of my former job and dedicate more time to my family. I ventured into the job market in search of a more exciting and flexible work environment. Luckily, I found what I was looking for at the business consulting firm SDI Clarity. In this article I will discuss how accommodating they were in the recruitment process and why I love working here.

My Recruitment Experience

The recruitment process at SDI was unique for me because I already had connections at the company. The job opportunity was brought up on a few occasions throughout the year. “Hey, Jon, why don’t you come work for us?”

Since I had not reached out to them, this came as somewhat of a shock to me. I came from an industry that I felt did not apply to their business, so I was trying to figure out how my skills and experiences would translate. After I expressed these concerns, we had some thorough discussions that helped me understand how I would fit into their bigger picture. I realized that my previous job and the current opportunity were not so different.

“We think you’re one of the people we need at SDI Clarity and we would love to have you come work for us.”  Hearing the sincerity in their voices made me wonder if SDI Clarity was the workplace stimulus I was looking for. They listened to my needs and the anxieties I had about leaving my long-tenured job. My anxiousness was relieved when they made statements like:

“Do this for yourself.”

“We’re really excited about you coming to work for us!”

“Take your time.  Do it when you’re ready.”

The partners at SDI Clarity were aware of my sincere connection to the people, the business, and everything associated with my old job. I value that they didn’t pressure me to make a hasty decision. I had emotional security with making a change. Although my old employer had been a major influence on how I approach things and had provided me with skills and experience that I use every day, I knew that SDI was where I needed to be. I was excited to find my new professional identity at SDI Clarity. It was a road to opportunity.

The SDI Clarity Experience

I accepted the position at SDI as a Performance Consultant. I’m constantly presented with thought-provoking challenges. We work to improve businesses, their systems, and their talent. The best part? I’m not doing it alone.  Everyone here at SDI wants everyone to succeed.

In my new capacity, I feel relieved that I’m not expected to provide all the answers. I appreciate having an abundance of talented people at my fingertips. They have the ability to bring diverse perspectives on a broad range of topics. I find myself truly inspired by how we operate as a group and how we approach new projects with excitement and ease. It is impressive how willing everyone is to help others improve. It’s a refreshingly impactful environment to work in.

SDI Clarity has been monumental in my pursuit of professional satisfaction. I am beginning to realize my need to feel valued within an abundant team of exceedingly intelligent collaborators. It is a culture of continuous learning and employee engagement. Here, I have the ability to feed my innate curiosity.

SDI values the personal growth of its employees. We are pushed to learn and adapt to the constantly changing, industry-specific requirements of our clients. The culture of continuous learning is what excites me the most.

It’s been an adventurous first few months for me and I am pleased with my decision to grow with SDI Clarity. If you are looking for a company that values your personal and professional needs, offers flexibility, an inspiring environment, and is committed to your growth and employee development, then check out our career opportunities. You won’t regret it!

In my next article I will share a few things I’ve learned about making a transition into a new organization and how to immerse yourself in a new company culture.

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