The Importance and Impact of Setting Goals

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Goal setting is a common exercise in every organization, but rarely do we take into consideration the impact that exercise can have on employee engagement, workplace optimism, and individual performance.

Talent Strategy

5 Steps to Developing a Winning Talent Strategy

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Regardless of what type of business or industry you are in, there is no question that the talent landscape is changing dramatically. To stay competitive, you need to evolve and develop your talent strategy.

5 Simple Steps to Avoid the Question – How Did We Get Here?

Jeremy Erard SDI News

We’ve all asked the question before. Many times in life, we are quick to set goals or assign expectations to things without taking the time to define what we need to be aware of along the way. Taking the time to define what the path to success looks like is a crucial step for any leader to avoid this pitfall.

The 3 Levels of Communication in Managing Change

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Communication plays an important role during each phase of a change management initiative, and it is often the culprit when issues start to arise. Use the following guidelines to avoid the confusion of ineffective communication and the frustration of wasted meetings.

Find the Best Training Delivery Methods for Your Company

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There are several well-known training delivery methods, such as workbooks, web-based training, instructor-led training, and on-the-job mentoring. But how do you know which is the right method to ensure your training is both effective and efficient?

Focus on Leadership Development to Engage Employees

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It is clear that factors like feeling valued, focused, and purposeful have a major impact on retention and engagement. It is also clear that leadership plays an important role in driving productivity and influencing job satisfaction. It is an important subject seeing that all recent surveys show 70-80% disengagement in the workforce.

Ask 3 Questions to Know if Your Talent Can Execute

Jeremy Erard SDI News

Many organizations eagerly engage in annual planning or longer-term strategic planning exercises, because it provides an opportunity to look forward and think about what’s possible. Regardless of the quality of the plan, your organization’s ability to execute it is what ultimately determines future success.

3 Keys to Winning the Talent Battle for Manufacturing Organizations

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The recent drastic rebound in our economy, and the manufacturing sector specifically, is undoubtedly a result of many factors including innovations in products, processes, and manufacturing technologies. Unfortunately, the recent surge has now led to a somewhat unforeseen and challenging problem…a shortage of capable people to get the work done.

Does Your Training Teach People What to Know, or How to Think?

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Far too many employers endure fruitless searches for the type of people that can charge full steam into the unknown and come back with innovative solutions. If you need a team that will drive results and grow your business, changing the the way you train your people is the catalyst to make it happen.