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Technology Planning Strategies for Leadership

In my last article we focused on some of the common risks of gambling on new technology, and this week we’re going to discuss the initial planning stage of the technology implementation process. If you’re looking to learn more about how to guide your company through the uncertainty of technological change, then you’re in the right place.

Planning is Everything

Every business owner, manager, or operating partner wants to make data more accessible, increase production, and unify systems. The reality, however, is these wants can come with a very high price. In a 2015 survey, twenty-one percent of companies who launched new ERP characterized their recent rollouts as a failure. This can all be avoided! By establishing realistic timelines, preparing the team, and working with the right partner, you can minimize the risk from implementing new business solutions in your organization and enjoy all the benefits these systems can offer.

Align Your Team

Getting the right people on board is one of the biggest issues facing companies as they implement new strategic solutions. This can often be attributed to employees, but a lack of investment from senior management can be even more toxic than employees who are reticent to change. Getting involved financially is one thing, but to introduce new technological solutions you need a positive attitude toward change—from the boardroom to the assembly line.

Manage Your Management

Another key to a successful launch is in your middle management. You need project managers to be a champion for the program in order to affect morale toward change. That means aligning an implementation team to help you achieve your goals; before, during, and long after launch. SDI can help with every stage of this process. My team has been pairing with industry leaders to help them best mobilize their workforce in alignment with an agile project management methodology that supports continuous delivery and improvements with as few growing pains as possible.

No matter what strategies you choose to get your team ready to implement a new system, problems can still arise. Having a plan to work with an experienced partner can make even the most risk-averse members of leadership see your vision and enjoy the ride. Contact my team today to learn more about how our vision has helped other businesses not only survive through the adoption of new technology, but thrive.

Thanks for reading! Next time I’m going to be writing about additional planning strategies for leadership.

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