5 Simple Steps to Avoid the Question – How Did We Get Here?

I have often times asked myself, or observed others asking themselves, this very interesting question.  Whether it’s a DIY home improvement project gone wrong, a sudden collapse of my already mediocre golf game, or an unexpected success in my professional life – what seems to be true when I find myself asking this question is that I hadn’t thought about what the path to success looked like.

Many times in life, we are quick to set goals or assign expectations to things without defining what we need to be aware of along the way. Without that awareness, we aren’t able to determine if we are on the right track or not, much less if we are getting there in the best way possible.

As a leader in a team dynamic (work teams, family, social groups, etc.) being able to define what progress looks like is even more important when you are pursuing a longer-term goal or something that requires a major investment of time and resources.

So before your begin your next major endeavor, take the time to…

1. Clearly define and articulate what you want to be true when you are finished.

2. Anticipate the steps that will lead to your desired outcome.

3. Determine what indicators (data, results, milestones, etc.) are available to show progress, or in some cases a lack thereof.

4. Set clear expectations of goals, keys to success, etc., with everyone involved.

5. Openly communicate and be willing to adapt as needed every step of the way .

I have found when I take the time to do these 5 simple things I never find myself asking how I got to where I am.

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Jeremy Erard

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A Grand Rapids, MI native with an entrepreneurial background spanning over 15 years, Jeremy has led the creation of several start-up companies and strategic business units that represent in excess of $200 million in annual revenue. Jeremy has worked with various clients across many industries to develop strategies and implement solutions that enable them to achieve profitable and sustainable growth, and secure and develop the critical talent necessary for future success.