Are Organizations Paralyzed From Over Analyzing?

Analysis Paralysis – The condition of being unable to make a decision due to the availability of TOO MUCH INFORMATION that must be processed in order to be actionable.

Last week I wrote a response to an interesting post that released titled “Stopping Employees From Jumping Ship is Easier Than You Think”.

Entrepreneur Inforgraphic OneIn short, the article made a compelling case that managers must provide feedback to their employees in order to stop them from leaving their organization. The employee/manager relationship is not only critical, but perhaps one of the largest factors impacting employees’ decisions to stay or leave your organization.

Now here is where it gets interesting…or more likely confusing. Entrepreneur Inforgraphic Two In a previously released article by, they reference an infographic developed by LinkedIn and The Adler Group that also highlights the top motivators…and guess what shows up as the #1 motivator…you guessed it…Better Compensation & Benefits!

Wait a minute…what about Feedback and Manager Relationship? Well, based on this research and data, that is a “Bottom 3 Motivator”.

Are you confused yet?

My point last week and my point now, is that each environment is unique, and these “simple” solutions are not always the right solution for you. Making broad sweeping generalizations from compelling data has a tendency to bring more complexity than clarity.

The hard truth is that building high performing organizations, isn’t easy. There isn’t a “quick fix” or “simple solution” for solving your problems. The fact is each organization is complex and unique, and what is required for you to grow isn’t necessarily what is required for other organizations to grow.

With all the compelling information becoming increasingly available, keep in mind that just because there is a lot of “glitter” in data doesn’t always mean it’s “gold”.

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