Leadership vs. Management: A Delicate Balance

Leadership continues to be a very important topic for most organizations as they evolve and grow. While conducting research for a recent client engagement, I asked several business leaders to explain what they believe made a good leader. I was surprised at many of the responses.

Is it just me or have the terms leadership and management almost become synonymous?

For me, leadership is about a persons ability to inspire or influence others to work together toward a common goal regardless of title or position. Management is a skill set where an individual sets goals and expectations for those that they are responsible for and holds them accountable for achievement and performance.

I believe that all organizations need to support the development of leaders in their organizations. However, high performing leaders of organizations also need to be effective managers in order to achieve consistent success. As you look at yourself and other leaders within your organization and how they function, ask yourself… Are they more of a leader, or a manager?

Being able to answer “both” is something worth pursuing.

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Jeremy Erard

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A Grand Rapids, MI native with an entrepreneurial background spanning over 15 years, Jeremy has led the creation of several start-up companies and strategic business units that represent in excess of $200 million in annual revenue. Jeremy has worked with various clients across many industries to develop strategies and implement solutions that enable them to achieve profitable and sustainable growth, and secure and develop the critical talent necessary for future success.