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Candidate Experience – It’s Importance in Recruiting New Talent

As mentioned in a previous article, unemployment is at an all-time low, and therefore, candidates have more choices for their next career move. Due to the job market changes, the way we recruit, interview and interact with candidates has changed. The candidate experience has always been important during recruitment, but with the job market moving faster, employers need to ensure a positive experience through clear communication and a quicker, more responsive process.

Clear Communication Improves the Candidate Experience

In order to create a positive candidate experience, clear and prompt communication is key. Establishing communication and decision timelines with potential candidates during the beginning of the recruitment process will help manage candidate expectations and create a more positive overall experience. Many of us have experienced interview or recruitment processes that take too long or companies that fail to provide timely feedback after an interview. It isn’t fun to be on the receiving end of this type of treatment. It is essential to establish a clear timeline and adhere to it. Provide updates to all candidates during the interview process and notify them when delays are experienced.

A Quick Process Improves The Candidate Experience

In the past, many organizations would tout “hire slow, and fire fast” as the proper way to manage candidates and employees. Due to the rapidly changing recruiting environment, and the fact that candidates have so many other options when looking for new positions, this adage no longer works. It is important to act quickly, and create an efficient recruitment experience to find a quality candidate. Quick hiring decisions can be a difficult balance for organizations that like to take their time to ensure they are making the right decision. However, in the end, HR professionals and hiring managers need to adapt to a faster process. The risks of not adapting to a faster process include:

  • Losing top candidates to another organization
  • Loss of productivity if a job stays open for too long
  • Slow communication/process can lead to a negative candidate experience
  • The image of slow hiring can hurt your employer brand

Keep in mind, candidates could become current or future customers. Candidates with a positive recruitment experience are more likely to apply again in the future and promote your organization to their personal network! Contact us with any questions on how to create a better employer brand!

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