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Our Favorite Learning and Development Ted Talks

Ted Talks are a great way to spark your curiosity and learn something new. Here are three of our favorite talks about learning and development!  

The Love of Lifelong Learning

In this Ted Talk, John Green expresses his excitement of joining communities of learners online. He reminds us that learning is not reserved for the young. We agree with this statement, as we see great value in building learning communities for continuous learning in organizations. On top of that, we believe these learning experiences must be meaningful, engaging and easily accessible.  

The Power of Believing that You Can Improve – Ted Talk by Carol Dweck

In this Ted Talk, Carol Dweck discusses her research around “growth mindset,” the idea that we can expand our capacity to learn and develop. Although the idea of a growth mindset originated by studying the behavior of children, it applies to adults as well. Understanding its value, organizations are now working towards creating environments that foster a growth mindset 

How to Get Better at the Things You Care Most About – Learning and Development

In this Ted Talk, Eduardo Briceno discusses the difference between the “learning zone” and the “performance zone.” The learning zone is when our goal is to improve. The performance zone is when we try to do something as best as we can. Briceno finds that we can become more effective learners by alternating the two zones. The challenge is, is that we tend to spend too much time in our performance zone. This applies to the organizational context as well. All too often we hear that employees don’t feel they have the time or resources to grow and develop. Organizations must invest in their employees by giving them the opportunity to switch from zone to zone!  

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