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How to Make a Smooth Transition to A New Job

In my previous blog posts, I shared my experience making a major career change and what I love about working at SDI Clarity. This week, I want to share a few things that can help you make a smooth transition to a new job, organization, and/or industry.

Stay Positive

A career change comes with a variety of emotions. Feelings of anticipation and anxiety regarding what lies ahead are common. Having a support system in place, such as friends and significant others, can help ease any anxieties you are experiencing.

Find Your Routine

Breaking an old routine to establish a new one can seem daunting at first. Rather than approaching routine with negativity, focus on how exciting a new one could be! When diving into the unknown, you will come across opportunity…think of it as a time to learn and grow simultaneously.

Build Relationships

Focus on building relationships with your coworkers and clients. Break the ice with them by going out to lunch. Ask to be involved with meetings and agendas or hit the road with a team member so you can have face time with clients. Remember, everyone there was the ‘new employee’ once.

Immerse Yourself in the Company Culture

Explore the business and its philosophy. Become part of the culture by buying into the ideals and values. You wanted this position, right? Familiarize yourself with the image the company would like to project. Ask your employer to offer accurate depictions based on their values and how they expect you to embody those ideals.

Take Notes

You’ll find yourself in meetings without any native knowledge on the subject matter. Don’t pretend that you’ll remember everything. It will be difficult to retain all the new information without taking diligent notes. Remember, it’s always okay to ask questions. Be curious and don’t ever assume!

Set and Monitor Your Goals

Set goals for yourself. If it is not asked of you, then be assertive and go to your manager to ask for feedback. Don’t wait for your boss to do this. Ask for follow up often so that you can stay aligned with your goals. If possible, schedule frequent check-insW with your boss.

Know Your Strengths and Apply Them at your New Job

Be ready to assemble your strengths in the new environment. Have vision, courage, and the determination to carry yourself through obstacles and challenges. Part of this is remaining true to yourself and understanding where your strengths and your weaknesses lie. Learn to navigate your successes and your failures.

Seek Out Mentorship.

Find out who the tenured people are at the organization. If possible, engage in conversations that allow you to get feedback from legacy personnel.

Transitions can be difficult. I hope you can use my experience and advice to help navigate your way in your next work adventure. I’m thankful that SDI Clarity made it easy for me to integrate into a new profession. They provided me with a welcoming environment with widespread support from both leadership and coworkers. If you are looking for new opportunities, check out our job openings today!

Change is an inevitable constant in life. Finding the courage and confidence to navigate needed career changes can be stressful. But in exchange, changes can bring the thrill of new challenges and the possibility of finding the contentment we seek.

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