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What Does Digital Transformation Look Like in 2021?

Many organizations found last year’s transition to work-from-home a little rushed, to put it lightly. Looking back, we’ve now had 365 days of wisdom to reevaluate digital technology in the workplace and see what does and does not thrive in our industry. With plans to return to the office now circulating, how does digital transformation continue post-pandemic? Understand these four components of ongoing digital transformation to best influence the future of your organization.


Some of us miss our days of being gophers, popping over the top of our cubicle to meet with coworkers instantly. Whether or not we return to that time, that feeling of comradery does not have to go away. Incorporating digital communication tools, such as direct messaging and file-sharing programs, in the workplace can allow for ease of communication and boost collaboration among your teams. Research shows trust and transparency build engagement among workers. Digital collaboration is vital to preserve healthy office relationships when working miles—or even further—apart from one another.


How do successful organizations stay in touch with trends and know when to update their systems? Data. Frequent tests on product quality or tracking key point indicators (KPIs) let professionals know where things are going. Updated technology lets you gather and manage data both externally (through product value and customer satisfaction evaluations) and internally (work hours put in, productivity, etc.). These factors should be considered when evaluating company progress and evolution.

Personal Growth

Businesses can expect to grow revenue by 23% as a result of training employees to use a variety of digital tools for communication, like cloud sharing, security, and streamlining operations. This adaptability keeps workers engaged in their job, which in turn boosts productivity and group morale. Including technological advancements in your growth strategy naturally grows your worker base and improves employee retention, in addition to potentially increasing your revenue.

Adapt Processes

Unfortunately, there are some pre-COVID work processes that simply will not survive the pandemic. In addition to work programs and systems jumping online, the entire employee experience has shifted from a personalized office to a computer screen. Coming to and from work looks a lot different these days, and that change can have positive and negative impacts on company culture. In addition to work itself, understanding the physical and emotional nuances of working online can help foster the same healthy relationships in-person employees have experienced since the very beginning. While the work world has and will continue to change, your companies tried and true mission and values can still thrive.

Digital transformation is an ongoing process. No matter where you stand with technology, SDI is here to make the adoption of virtual processes and online culture an engaging and fun experience for you and your team. Contact us to learn more about digital transformation post COVID-19.

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